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Arizona Revocation of a Living Will Law

Living Wills – General – Arizona

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An adult may prepare a written statement known as a living will to control the health care treatment decisions that can be made on that person’s behalf. The person may use the living will as part of or instead of a health care power of attorney or to disqualify a surrogate.

If the living will is not part of a health care power of attorney, the person shall verify his living will in the same manner as prescribed by §36-3221. A person may write and use a living will without writing a health care power of attorney or may attach a living will to the person’s health care power of attorney. If a person has a health care power of attorney, the agent must make health care decisions that are consistent with the person’s known desires and that are medically reasonable and appropriate. A person can, but is not required to, state the person’s desires in a living will.

The statutory form is a sample only and does not prevent a person from using other language or another form. A living will may be revoked at any time and in any manner by the declarant without regard to the declarant’s mental or physical condition.

A revocation is effective upon communication to the attending physician or other health care provider by the declarant or a witness to the revocation.

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